PS NAPC D&I and Student Travel Grants

The Paleontological Society recognizes the importance of educational and research practices that foster diversity and inclusion. We value the contribution of diverse opinions, strategies, and experiences at the North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC) as they are an integral part to the advancement of our field. However, many of our colleagues who work extensively on inclusive educational and research practices might not qualify for research-based funding for conference travel from their home institutions. In addition, colleagues from groups underrepresented in paleontology, in a career transition (between undergrad and grad, grad to post-doc, post-doc to position), or in adjunct, teaching, museum, or part-time positions are often the most vulnerable and most likely to leave paleontology and science. It is crucial that we ensure that these members, in addition to students, are able to attend and participate in our meetings as well as network with community members who can provide the support and mentorship that is needed in these critical transitions or positions.

Thus, the Paleontological Society is offering competitive NAPC travel grants to help offset the expenses of eligible PS members who would be unable to attend these meetings without this travel support. This includes but is not limited to student members.

Funding Amount

Up to $500 per award for attendees


  • Applicants should be members of the Paleontological Society.
  • Applicants should identify as members of a historically underrepresented group, OR be in a career transition (between undergrad and grad school, grad school to post-doc, or post-doc to position), OR belong to an at-risk group not listed here (to be explained by the applicant in their application), OR be students (at the undergraduate or graduate level)
  • Applicants must not have sufficient funds available to them for travel to conferences due to the nature of their employment (e.g., student, adjunct, teaching, museum, or part-time positions).  Students from labs or departments with conference travel funding for students should not apply.

Application Materials

A PDF with the following REQUIRED information should be emailed to [email protected].

  • A paragraph clearly demonstrating how the applicant meets all three of the eligibility criteria.
  • A budget itemizing expenses for the conference travel – either virtual or online.
  • A C.V. or résumé. Students can submit a list of academic and extra-curricular activities if they prefer.

Application and Review Process

Email questions and completed applications to [email protected]. Applications for NAPC 2024 are due midnight (11:59 pm Eastern Time) March 1, 2024.  Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of decisions within three weeks (before NAPC early registration ends).