October 22, 2020 

Dear Paleontological Society Members: 

The Paleontological Society has a large slate of events that will begin on Monday October 26 at GSA 2020 Online. We look forward to joining together virtually with our members around the globe! 

This year, all members are invited to attend Paleontological Society events (exclusive of the GSA technical sessions) free of charge. Just click on the Zoom links for the specific events below to join.  

The most celebratory of our events is the Paleontological Society Awards Ceremony. Please join us on Monday, October 26, noon to 1:30 pm EDT to honor our exceptional students, newly elected Fellows, and 2020 award recipients. Register early for this event here:

During the ceremony:

The Paleontological Society Medal will be presented to Susan Kidwell

Schuchert Award to Lee Hsiang Liow

Pojeta Award to Patricia Kelley

Strimple Award to Linda McCall


Immediately following the Awards Ceremony, please join in to *T64 Future Leaders in Paleontology – Monday October 26, 1:30-5:30

This is PS’s 2nd annual symposium dedicated to showcasing outstanding research by student members of the Paleontological Society, spanning all disciplines of paleontology. Fifteen presentations were selected for inclusion in this Future Leaders in Paleontology session. All presenters will be honored at the Paleontological Society Awards Ceremony and will be awarded a certificate to commemorate their participation, along with a cash prize of $100.

Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions GSA registration required:

Students register for free.

As every year, the Paleontological Society sponsors many technical sessions. We look forward to
connecting together over our science across numerous fields of paleontology. Contact a friend or
colleague and enjoy attending our PS-sponsored events together.

T33. Evolving Perspectives on the Tonian Biosphere and Environmental Change

T46. An Interdisciplinary View of Paleozoic Glaciations and Icehouse Climates: Sedimentology,
Paleoclimate, Paleontology, Geochemistry, Geochronology, and Modeling

T50. Interactions between Life, Tectonics, Climate, and Sedimentary Systems at the Neoproterozoic-
Early Cambrian Transition

T51. Oceans and Climates through Earth History: From Proxy Reconstructions to Model Assessments

T53. Cushman Symposium: Perspectives- Cushman Foundation 70 Years, Foraminifera 600 Million

T55. Insights from Microfossils and Their Modern Analogs: From Traditional to Emerging Approaches

T56. Co-Evolution of Earth’s Surface Environment and Eukaryotic Life from the Mid-Proterozoic to
Early Paleozoic

T61. Climatic and Biotic Processes through the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic as Reconstructed
from Microfossil Records

T62. The Co-Evolution of Phanerozoic Climate, Landscapes, and Terrestrial Ecosystems

T63. The Ordovician Earth: New Insights to Environmental and Biotic Responses in the Fossil and Rock Record

*T64. Future Leaders in Paleontology

T65. Applications of Conodonts to Integrated Studies of Biostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy and
Sequence Stratigraphy—North American Pander Society Annual Meeting

T66. Reconstructing Events of the Late Devonian: Fossil and Rock Record Insights into a Dynamic

T67. Trends and Patterns in Neoproterozoic–Cambrian Biodiversity and Evolutionary Originations

T69. Polar Paleobiology and Paleoenvironmental Proxies

T70. Cephalopods Present and Past: Insights into Evolution, Paleobiology, and Links to
Paleoenvironmental Change

T74. Improving the Accessibility of Natural History Collection

T76. Exceptional Fossilization in Time and Space

T78. Biotic Interactions through Time

T79. Ecosystem Engineering through Earth History

T80. Biosediments: Tracking Biogenic Materials and Sedimentation Processes through Time

T81. Ichnology as a Global Proxy Multitool to Reconstruct Biodiversity, Ecology, Hydrology, and
Climate in Continental to Marine Settings

T82. Surf to Sea, Small to Large, Bottom to Top: Ecosystem Perspectives on the Marine Fossil Record

T85. Linking Biological Questions to Paleontological Data: Statistical Models, Technological
Advancements and Conceptual Improvements

T86. Shape, Size, and Function: New Approaches to Morphometric Analyses

T87. Growing a Skeleton: Methodological and Theoretical Approaches to Unraveling the Stories
Preserved in Skeletal Materials

T110. A Matter of Time: The Stratigraphic Record of Time and the Future of Timescale Calibration

T159. The ICE Melted and the Seas ROSE – Depositional Patterns on Continental Shelves during
Glacial-Interglacial Cycles

T164. Crossing the Salinity Divide—Life through the Gateway between Marine and Freshwater Systems

T166. Lakes of the World through Time and Space