Fellows of the Paleontological Society

Call for nominations for Fellows of the Paleontological Society

Fellows are members of the Paleontological Society who have made significant contributions to paleontology through research, teaching, or service to the profession. Recipients of the Paleontological Society Medal and the Charles Schuchert Award automatically become Fellows if they have not previously been elected to fellowship.

Deadline for nominations: February 26, 2021

Nominations will remain active for three years.

Who May Nominate?

Any member of the Paleontological Society may nominate another member for election to fellowship.

How to Nominate
The nomination dossiers should include a letter outlining the contributions of the nominee, along with a CV or biographical sketch of the nominee. The letter should focus on those contributions that are most likely to be salient to fellow paleontologists; information on citations, grants, previous professional recognition, etc. is generally less helpful.

The nomination must also have the support of two active Fellows; this support can be as simple as endorsing the nominating letter (i.e. additional letters are not required). Nominations coming from a Fellow require the support of one additional Fellow.

Finally, all nominees must separately complete a PS Professional Conduct Self-Reporting Form as prescribed in the Paleontological Society Policy on Non-Discrimination and Member Code of Conduct. If, for any reason, a nominee is uncomfortable about completing the form, they are welcome to contact a member of the ethics committee for a confidential conversation in advance.

Please submit nominations using this form.

Fellows of the Paleontological Society

John Alroy
William I. Ausich
Loren E. Babcock
Catherine E. Badgley
Richard K. Bambach
John Barron
Tomasz K. Baumiller
Anna K. Behrensmeyer
Stefan M. Bengtson
William A. Berggren
Stig M. Bergström
Daniel B. Blake
David J. Bottjer
Lisa Park Boush
C. Kevin Boyce
Carlton E. Brett
Derek E. G. Briggs
Ann F. Budd
Martin A. Buzas
Sandra Carlson
Alan H. Cheetham
William A. Clemens
Laurel S. Collins
Simon Conway Morris
James Crampton
Peter R. Crane
Stephen J. Culver
Mary R. Dawson
William A. DiMichele
Philip Donoghue
James Doyle
Mary L. Droser
Lucy E. Edwards
Niles Eldredge
Michael Engel
Douglas H. Erwin
Rodney M. Feldmann
Seth Finnegan
Daniel C. Fisher
Karl W. Flessa
Michael J. Foote
Richard Fortey
Robert A. Gastaldo
Philip D. Gingerich
Carole S. Hickman
Steven M. Holland
Nigel Hughes
Gene Hunt
Linda Ivany
David Jablonski
Jeremy Jackson
Bonnie Jacobs
Christine M. Janis
Kirk Johnson
Douglas S. Jones
Thomas Kammer
Patricia H. Kelley
James P. Kennett

Susan M. Kidwell
Wolfgang Kiessling
Gilbert Klapper
Andrew H. Knoll
Paul L. Koch
Michal Kowalewski
Conrad C. Labandeira
Estella Leopold
Bruce S. Lieberman
Jere H. Lipps
Rowan Lockwood
Bruce J. MacFadden
Christopher G. Maples
Charles Marshall
George R. McGhee, Jr.
David L. Meyer
Arnold I. Miller
Pamela Hallock Muller
Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe
Thomas Olszewski
Allison R. Palmer
John Pandolfi
Ronald L. Parsley
Mark Patzkowsky
Jonathan L. Payne
Shanan Peters
Roy E. Plotnick
Susannah Porter
Donald R. Prothero
Anne Raymond
Richard A. Robison
Gar W. Rothwell
Bruce Runnegar
J. William Schopf
Carrie Schweitzer
Alan B. Shaw
Peter M. Sheehan
Felisa Smith
James T. Sprinkle
Steven M. Stanley
Alycia Stigall
Caroline Strömberg
Hans-Dieter Sues
Kazushige Tanabe
Paul Taylor
Roger D.K. Thomas
James W. Valentine
Blaire Van Valkenburgh
Geerat J. Vermeij
Bridget Wade
Peter J. Wagner
Sally Walker
Thomas R. Waller
Stephen Westrop
Peter Wilf
Mark Wilson
Scott L. Wing
Shuhai Xiao
Margaret Yacobucci

Deceased Fellows

Arthur J. Boucot
Robert L. Carroll
John Pojeta, Jr
Stephen J. Gould
Jack A. Wolfe
William A. Cobban
J. Thomas Dutro
Anita G. Harris
Leo J. Hickey
Farish A. Jenkins, Jr.
Roger L. Kaesler
Erle G. Kauffman
Malcolm C. McKenna
David M. Raup
J. Keith Rigby, Sr.
June R. P. Ross
Adolf Seilacher
Walter C. Sweet
Harry B. Whittington
Ellis L. Yochelson