Permission for Re-Use

To request Permission for Re-Use of a figure or portion of a paper, you may search for the article you’d like by using this link:

The article you search for will have a Request Permission button through the Cambridge Core system.

For example:

  • Go the Cambridge Core page for the article you are trying to request the figure from.
  • Click on the white "Request Permission" button below the abstract.

  • This will open up a questionnaire from RightsLink which includes questions about what you are trying to request, what you will use it for, etc. Answer all of the questions and click on "Quick Price" at the end for a quote based on your answers.

  • If there is a cost to reuse the figure, click on "Continue" to pay through RightsLink. If you've never paid for something through RightsLink before, you'll need to start an account with them, which there is a link for on the page after you press "Continue." If you run into any issues, please contact the RightsLink Customer Care team: [email protected]