Paleontological Society Emergency Fund

The Paleontological Society recognizes that financial hardships can dramatically impact the well-being of our members. The PS Diversity and Inclusion Committee has established an Emergency Needs Fund to help offset some of the burden due to a financial emergency. Current and past members (membership must have been active within 3 years of the submission of your application) at all career stages are eligible to apply.

Funds will be awarded based on demonstrated need through the application process. Please note that applications will be disqualified if all required information is not provided. Applicant information will remain confidential and awardee names will not be made public outside of the Fund committee. Note that these funds are considered taxable income. 

Award Amount: $100-$1500, eligible PS Members can receive one award per year 

Eligibility: All PS members in any careers (including K-12 educators, avocational members, and international members) and at all career stages

Fundable needs: Bills (rent, electricity etc.), moving costs, tuition costs, medical expenses, transportation needs, family emergencies or childcare, natural disaster relief, food insecurity, and other subject to review

Application requirements: Copies of redacted bills and brief description of the need.

Turnaround timeWe will try and notify funding decisions as soon as possible, but expect decisions to be made within 3 weeks.

Access application form here.